Tristifer Rosen

Heir to House Rosen of the Stormlands



Agility 2 –
Animal Handling 3 (Ride 1B)
Athletics 3 –
Awareness 3 (Notice 1B)
Cunning 4 –
Deception 3 –
Endurance 2 –
Fighting 3 (Long Blade 1B)
Healing 2 –
Language 3 -
Knowledge 3 (Education 1B)
Marksmanship 1 -
Persuasion 5 (Charm 2B, Seduce 1B)
Status 5 (Reputation 1B)
Stealth 2 -
Survival 2 -
Thievery 2 -
Warfare 2 -
Will 3 -


Destiny Points: 1

Cadre (The Black Roses): You gain a veteran squad of ten men. Work with the narrator to derive these statistics. The cadre may all be guards, but you may also derive their statistics from any unit in which your house has invested. In skirmishes, the cadre automatically reorganizes and rallies at the start of each of your turns until destroyed. If destroyed, you lose this quality and the Destiny Point you invested to acquire it.
Charismatic (Charm) : Chose any one Persuasion specialty. Add 2 to the test result of any Persuasion test involving that specialty.
Heir: You receive the full benefits for being next in line to rule your house. Add 1 to all of your Status test results. Should anything happen to the head of your house, you exchange this quality for the Head of House quality.
Wealthy: At the start of each month, you may roll an Easy (3) Cunning or Status test to refill your coffers. Success earns you 10 gold dragons times your degree.

Flaw (Healing): When you gain this drawback, select a single ability. You take a -1D on all test involving this ability.
Supreme Arrogance: You take a penalty to all Awareness test results equal to your Status.

Game Attributes

Intrigue Defense: 12
Combat Defense:
Composure: 9
Health: 6


Tristifer Rosen

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